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SMTmax Introduces the QM-4044: The Next Generation Table-Top or Stand-Alone Pick and Place Machine

Chino, California Today, SMTmax is proud to announce the launch of the QM-4044, a state-of-the-art automatic pick and place machine meticulously designed for table-top or stand-alone use. With over a decade of experience in the SMT development and manufacturing, the QM-4044 promises to revolutionize in-house assembly processes for businesses worldwide.

Key Features:

• Advanced Vision System: Equipped with four upward-looking cameras for small parts and a precision camera for chip handling, ensuring accurate and efficient component placement.
• High Production Rate: With a remarkable production rate of 6000 to 7000 components per hour, the QM-4044 stands out as a leading choice for businesses aiming to escalate their production capabilities.
• Expansive Feeder Capacity: A robust 44-feeder capacity, coupled with a generous working area of 13" x 10", guarantees seamless and uninterrupted operations.
• Innovative Design: Featuring an internal conveyor system, the QM-4044 can be effortlessly integrated into a full SMT assembly line. Moreover, its automatic selection feature optimizes pick and place paths for increased efficiency.
• Customization: With its innovation design of the QM-4044 both the hardware and software components offer potential for customization to meet unique handling requirements and applications.

"The QM-4044 is not just a product; it's a testament to innovation and excellence with the most affordable prices. We've listened to our customers and lunched a machine that not only meets but exceeds industry standards," said Joseph, CEO at SMTmax.

SMTmax invites businesses and media to our facility at 5675 Kimball Ct. Chino, CA for a live demonstration of the QM-4044. Experience firsthand the machine's unparalleled precision and efficiency. For more information, detailed specifications, please contact us at 909-393-8700 or [email protected]