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Fully Convection ReFlow Oven
6 Heating Zone & Touch Screen




SMTmax AE-F600C reflow oven is a high-throughput thermal processing system and its excellent thermal performance has been widely recognized for both printed circuit board solder reflow and for semiconductor packaging.

AE-F600C systems can provide optimized lead-free processing for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency. The AE-F600C reflow oven's enhanced convection control provides precise heating, cooling and thermal transfer over the entire area. The AE-F600C reflow oven includes 3 top and 3 bottom heating zones. Its maximum temperature can reach up to 400°C. The system comes with computer control and touch screen. Its software has been updated with simplified user interface and incredibly self calibration capabilities.

The power consumption for the reflow oven is 220V/60 Hz, normal operating power is around 12.5KW and its Peak power is about 25KW; Its overall dimensions are 79"X32"X50" and Packing dimensions 84"X32"X58".

Features included:
Computerized independent Temperature Control system for Each Zone
The SMTmax AE-F600C reflow oven's heating zone temperature are controlled by an accuracy of ±1°C closed loop controller in conjunction with a high-speed longer shaft designed blower adjacent to each heat source for maximum convection, ensure a ±2°C across the PCB assembly. The AE Series enhanced air flow design using centered slot with pressurized multi-hole technology to ensure a uniform hot air distribution, low-velocity, low-turbulence air flow to prevent component shift or disturbance, and provide heating zone do not interfere each others as well.

Temprature profiler build in
AE-F600C reflow oven provides 2 to 3 thermal couplers inline profiler system. You can install provided thermal couplers on your PCB to get temperature profile to match your thermal paste profile.

Software program
Operation and control of all AE Series reflow systems is accomplished through a friendly user interface that features a full-screen with the Windows based operating system and control software includes advanced functions for temperature profiling, timed automatic startup and shutdown, audible and visual alarms, and password protection. A PC-controller with flat touch screen monitor allows unlimited storage.