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WP-6600 Reflow Oven for LED



WP-6600 Reflow Oven for LED













SMTmax reflow oven family of high-throughput thermal processing system is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for both printed circuit board solder reflow and for semiconductor packaging.

SMTmax WP-6600 systems provide optimized lead-free processing for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency. WP-6600 reflow oven exclusive closed loop convection control provides precise heating and cooling, programmable heat transfer, adding up to the lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry. WP-6600 reflow oven is top 6, bottom 6 heating zones and 1 top and 1 bottom cooling zones, 400oC maximum temperature and equipped with fully convection and double conveyors (mesh and rail both).

The system comes with computer control and touch screen simplified user interface and incredibly self calibration capabilities.  

Power consumption is 220V/60 Hz, 30KW;

Overall dimensions are 3200X900X1400mm (126X36X55 inches)

Parameters included:

Computerized independent Temperature Control system for Each Zone

The SMTmax WP-6600 reflow oven's heating zone temperature are controlled by an accuracy of ±1°C closed loop controller in conjunction with a high-speed longer shaft designed blower adjacent to each heat source for maximum convection, ensure a ±2°C across the PCB assembly.

The WP Series diffuser design using pressurized multi-jet technology to ensure a uniform hot air distribution, low-velocity, low-turbulence air flow to prevent component shift or disturbance, and provide heating zone do not interfere each others as well.

Optional thermocouples can be attached at different, critical locations on the PCB and connected to three built-in inputs (standard) on the oven for communication with WP Series control software and accurate, real-time temperature profiling to match any solder paste manufacturer‘s specifications.

Dual Conveyor Systems for Any Production Requirement

The WP-6600 is supplied as a standard with combination 20" (500 mm) stainless-steel mesh belt and an adjustable-rail, finger pin-type conveyor system.

All components are used either stainless steel or titanium and are built to maintain dimensional tolerances at the high temperatures of lead-free processing. On the finger pin conveyor, which allows inline operation and double-sided boards, advanced automatic chain lubrication and motorized width adjustment are standard features.

Conveyor speed is programmable from 0 – 70 in per minute (0-1700 mm).

Software program

Operation and control of all WP Series reflow systems is accomplished through a friendly user interface that features a full-screen with the Windows®-based operating system and control software includes advanced functions for temperature profiling, timed automatic startup and shutdown, audible and visual alarms, and password protection.

A PC-controller with 15" flat touch screen monitor allows unlimited storage.

All systems employ UPS battery backup to ensure removal of all product from the oven in the event of a power outage.

Nitrogen system (option)

Nitrogen protection system flows through in a contained seal area to protect the oxygen (O2) concentration inside of heating zone less than 500PPM. Nitrogen consumption is below 15-20 m3. Nitrogen cooling system, uses circulating filtration re-cycle to further reduce the nitrogen consumption. Nitrogen and oxygen analysis system display in control screen, easy to observe and adjust.


User's Manual