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Feb. 1 2023, SMTmax News Release

Chino, California.

SMTmax commits to manufacture customized pick and place machines in the rapid growing IC test market

To meet the growing demand for microchips testing platform in recent years, SMTmax has been working on providing customized IC tester handlers. With more than decades experience in semiconductor filed, SMTmax has devoted more efforts in IC test handler designing and manufacturing. Engineers at SMTmax have developed enhanced image processing technologies to handle various microchips identification, rotation, input trays or devices, output device integration, and pressure requirements. In addition, new robotic mechanical and electronic components are also embedded into SMTmax's standard QM Pick and Place machines.
SMTmax adapts to the times and is flexible to meet the needs of the customer, while also providing top tier customer service if any issues or questions arise. To inquire about an idea for a customized pick and place machine, feel free to contact SMTmax for details at (909)393-8700 or email [email protected].