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SMTmax introduces EcoPowerVac 1500

NEWS RELEASE July 9th, 2019

Chino, California,

SMTmax Corp. located in Chino, California, is delighted to introduce our new product, SMTmax EcoPowerVac 1500. It is Oil-less Dry Dental Suction Unit built with a smart adaptation control system. The unit is designed and manufactured using higher quality mechanical propeller structures. The goal of this product is focused on energy efficiency, robust air flow and water conservation in the dental field. After SMTmax’s intensive testing in the lab and some participant dentists the product is now ready. EcoPowerVac 1500 is our first model introduced to the market.

“We are determined to keep affordable prices with the increased cost in material and labor”, said Joseph, the CEO of SMTmax. Please contact SMTmax for details at : (909)393-8700 or email to [email protected].