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Hot air preheating, PID control, temperature variation<±2°C
Stainless solder pot, PID control, temperature variation<±2°C
PCB rail
Double waves, height adjustable
Optional cold air cooling
Can be connected directly with other equipment

Max. PCB width: 300mm
PCB conveyor height: 760±10mm
PCB conveyor speed: 0~1.8m/min
Preheating length: 1200mm
Preheating zones: 1(more optional)
Preheating mode: IR
Preheating temperature: room to 200°C
Preheating power: 7.5KW
Solder types: leaded, lead free
Cooling mode: Forced air or optional cold air
Wave solder pot power: 11KW
Solder pot capacity: 350Kg
Solder pot temperature: room to 300°C
Temperature control: PLC standard, computer optional
Flux tank capacity: 5.2L
Power: 3 phase, 5 lines, 380V
Starting power: 25KW
Normal operation power: 7.5KW
Compressed air requirement: 12.5L/Min
Size (LxWxH): 2.6 x 1.0 x 1.6 m
Weight: 900Kg

User's Manual