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SMTmax WP-8800 Reflow Oven

SMTmax WP-8800 Reflow Oven
Your Path to Superior Soldering

Take your soldering operations to new levels of excellence with the SMTmax WP-8800 Reflow Oven. Designed for optimal performance, this advanced reflow soldering machine offers a host of features to ensure precise temperature control, consistent soldering results, and efficient process optimization.

Unlock the full potential of your soldering operations with the SMTmax WP-8800 Reflow Oven. Its powerful combination of hardware and software features guarantees precise temperature control, consistent soldering results, and enhanced process optimization. Elevate your soldering capabilities and achieve superior outcomes with the WP-8800.

Let's explore its key features:

1. Superior Soldering Performance: The WP-8800 utilizes a cutting-edge hot air circulation system with eight top zones and eight bottom zones, incorporating a total of 16 temperature control zones. This setup guarantees consistent and precise heat distribution throughout the soldering process. With 16 groups of heating systems, including rapid preheating, reflow soldering, and slow drying areas, this machine delivers stable and uniform heating for unparalleled soldering quality.

2. Versatile and Flexible: This reflow soldering oven supports a wide range of lead-free soldering processes. It accommodates various lead-free solder alloys, such as SN-3.5AG-0.7CU, SN-3.1AG-1.3CU, SN-0.3AG-0.7CU, and more. With the WP-8800, you have the flexibility to work with different solder compositions while consistently achieving excellent results.

3. Precise Temperature Control: Equipped with a full computer and PLC centralized control system, the WP-8800 ensures accurate temperature control with an impressive ±2 °C temperature control accuracy. Say goodbye to inconsistent soldering results — this precise temperature control eliminates guesswork and boosts overall productivity.

4. Efficient and Time-Saving: The WP-8800 features a mesh belt and guide rail transmission system for smooth and efficient operation. The frequency conversion control allows for speed adjustments, granting optimal control over the soldering process. With a 600mm conveyor belt width and adjustable linear speed of 200-1330mm per minute, you can achieve quick and efficient soldering, significantly reducing production time.

5. Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand rigorous industrial demands, the WP-8800 boasts a sturdy construction and reliable components. Its 3-phase 220V power supply ensures stable operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

6. User-Friendly Design: The WP-8800 is designed with user convenience in mind. The full computer and PLC control system provides easy operation and an intuitive interface, allowing you to monitor and adjust parameters effortlessly. Compact dimensions of L5000×W1400×H1500mm and a weight of approximately 2800kg make integration into your existing production line a breeze.

7. 3-Point Profiler: Experience precise temperature monitoring with the WP-8800's sophisticated 3-point profiler. Measure and analyze temperature variations across three key points on your PCB, gaining valuable insights into the thermal behavior of your soldering process. This feature ensures optimal temperature profiles and consistent, high-quality results.

8. Temperature Optimization: The WP-8800's software leverages data captured by the 3-point profiler and K-type sensors, empowering you to optimize your soldering process for maximum efficiency and quality. Fine-tune temperature profiles, adjust heating parameters and make informed decisions based on comprehensive temperature data provided by the machine.

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