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SMTmax F6 12 Zone Fully Convection Reflow Oven



SMTmax F6 12 Zone Fully Convection Reflow Oven




M.F.S.R $18900.00
 Sale Price: $9500.00

Touchscreen PC Reflow Oven Software

Left Side of Reflow Oven



K Type Thermocouple

Right Side of Reflow Oven



Exhaust outlet on top of Reflow Oven

Breaker and Relay Control Panel





SMTmax reflow oven family of high-throughput thermal processing system is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for both printed circuit board solder reflow and for semiconductor packaging.

SMTmax F6 systems provide optimized lead-free processing for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency. F6 reflow oven exclusive closed loop convection control provides precise heating and cooling, programmable heat transfer, adding up to the most economical LED aluminum circuit board soldering in the industry. F6 reflow oven is top 6, bottom 6 heating zones and 400 °C maximum temperature and equipped with fully convection.

The system comes with computer control and touch screen simplified user interface and incredibly self calibration capabilities.

Computerized independent Temperature Control system for Each Zone
The SMTmax F6 reflow oven's heating zone temperature are controlled by an accuracy of &plucmn;1°C closed loop controller in conjunction with a high-speed longer shaft designed blower adjacent to each heat source for maximum convection, ensure a ±2°C across the PCB assembly.
Optional thermocouples can be attached at different, critical locations on the PCB and connected to three built-in inputs (standard) on the oven for communication with WP Series control software and accurate, real-time temperature profiling to match any solder paste

Software program
Operation and control of all WP Series reflow systems is accomplished through a friendly user interface that features a full-screen with the Windows based operating system and control software includes advanced functions for temperature profiling, timed automatic startup and shutdown, audible and visual alarms, and password protection. A PC-controller with 15" flat touch screen monitor allows unlimited storage.

Mesh belt conveyor can accept boards up to 330mm (12.99") and handle speeds up to 1200 mm/min (47"/min).

Heating Zones
With 6 upper and 6 bottom forced hot air heating zones get full profile control. Ideal for mid to high production.

Touchscreen Interface
The touchscreen interface allows you to save more than 50 groups of parameters including temperatures, speed and alarm. It also comes with 2 extra thermocouple ports for profiling.


Heating Zone

Up 6 and Down 6

Heating Length

2095 mm

Heating Fashion

Independent small cycling air circulation

Cooling Zone

One/compulsory cooling zone

Width of Mesh

350 mm

Height of conveyor

880 mm ± 20 mm

Max. width of PCB

330 mm

Conveyor Direction

Left to Right

Transport system


Conveyor speed


Control Fashion

PLC + computer + temperature control module

Power supply

220v single phase

Power of start up

11 KW

Power of consumption of operation

Approx. 8KW

Warm-up time

About 15 min

Range of temperature control

Room temperature to 400°C

Temperature Control

Temperature control module, SSR drive

Precision of temperature control


Temperature distributing error


Trouble Alarm

Temperature abnormity

Dimension (mm)


User's Manual