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AS-6070 Automatic Precision Lead Free Reflow Oven


AS-6070 Precision Lead Free Reflow Oven





M.F.S.R $2149.00
 Sale Price: $1550.00


The SMTmax AS-6070 is a low cost, lightweight, and portable bench top reflow oven that can be used for adhesives, lead solder or lead-free solder paste. You can set up a unique profile for small production or repair mode. It allows you to program your custom time and temperature settings to create countless profiles. Its reflowing process is automatically controlled by the internal microprocessor. Real-time temperature is displayed on the LCD. The new design has been tested for high efficiency and has better heat distribution compared to older models. We adopted new heating infrared elements and internal fan convection for optimal performance. The reflow oven can be connected to run on a computer by RS-232 port for a larger profile display.


Working voltage: AC110V (220V option, order needs to be selected)
Working frequency:60Hz
Maximum output power: 3600W
Two fans internally provide heat evenly distribution
Heating methods: infrared radiation heating and hot air circulation
Working mode: four automatic soldering modes preset up, covered most solder pastes;
Setting up your own temperature program
Temperature curve paragraph: pre-heat, soak, reflow, heat keeping and cooling.
Range of temperature and time on pre-heat: 70~150 °C, 0~5 Min
Range of soak and time: up to 250 °C,0~5 Min
Range of reflow and time on soldering: up to 300 °C, 0~30 s
Range of heat keeping and time: (150~250 °C)
Working area: 20 " x 16 "
Unit Size: 26.5 " x 23.6 " x 12.3 "
Weight: 86 lb

Packing List:

AE-6070 Reflow Oven
Operational manual
Power Cord
1.5 Meter Tin Foil Tube


AS-6070 reflow oven comes with male NEMA6-50P.
You need a receptacle supply NEMA6-50R that can connect to 125V power supply, you can order $25.00 each from SMTmax.

User's Manual