Analytical Balancer (JD100-3) Analytical Balancer (JD100-3) $709.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P10 Autoclavable Pipette P10 $99.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P100 Autoclavable Pipette P100 $99.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P1000 Autoclavable Pipette P1000 $99.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P2 Autoclavable Pipette P2 $99.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P20 Autoclavable Pipette P20 $99.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P200 Autoclavable Pipette P200 $99.00 Buy Now
Autoclavable Pipette P5000 Autoclavable Pipette P5000 $99.00 Buy Now
Benchtop Centrifuge TG16A-WS Benchtop Centrifuge TG16A-WS $984.00 Buy Now
Benchtop Microcentrifuge (TG16-W) Benchtop Microcentrifuge (TG16-W) $549.00 Buy Now
Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge (TGL-16M) Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge (TGL-16M) $4,095.00 Buy Now
BG25 PlaceHeating & Chilling Plate BG25 PlaceHeating & Chilling Plate $1,899.00 Buy Now
DNM-9602 Microplate Reader DNM-9602 Microplate Reader $2,430.00 Buy Now
DNM-9602A Microplate Reader DNM-9602A Microplate Reader $1,975.00 Buy Now
DNM-9602G Microplate Reader DNM-9602G Microplate Reader $3,540.00 Buy Now
DNX-9620 Computerized Microplate Washer DNX-9620 Computerized Microplate Washer $2,265.00 Buy Now
Electronic Balance Electronic Balance $220.00 Buy Now
Electronic Balancer (LD300-2) Electronic Balancer (LD300-2) $320.00 Buy Now
ES Precision Electronic Balance ES Precision Electronic Balance $995.00 Buy Now
ESJ Analytical Balance ESJ Analytical Balance $1,230.00 Buy Now

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2 x Benchtop Centrifuge TG16A-WS
1 x 50W YAG marking system M50
1 x 3-in-1 Rework Station
1 x Dental Compressor with Dryers
1 x Adaptor for medium barrel
1 x 150 MHz Oscilloscope Probes (CA8150)
2 x BGA Reballing Kit
1 x CA101 1Mhz Audio Function Generator
2 x Triple Outputs Lab Power Supply
1 x 303-2CF
1 x 60 LED Ring Light
1 x 16x/16mm wide field eyepiece, focusable 1231150
1 x Adaptor for large barrel
2 x 2X Boost Lens, WD26
1 x 303-4.2D
1 x Triple Outputs 5A DC Power Supply
1 x 108V Microscope Pen w/ video ouput
1 x Auto Drain System
1 x 10x/22mm wide field eyepiece with eye guard, focusable 1271090
1 x AT6011 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Generator
1 x 40 LED Ring Light
2 x 3645A 0-36V/0-3A/108W
1 x Air filter Regulator
2 x DNM-9602G Microplate Reader
4 x 1KVA Power Transformer
2 x BG25 PlaceHeating & Chilling Plate
1 x 3KVA Power Transformer
1 x 20X/10mm Eye Pieces, SZMEHWH20X10
1 x DNM-9602 Microplate Reader
1 x Autoclave Sterilizer
1 x Programmable DC Power Supply
1 x Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven TYR108C
1 x SL-120 w Auto Dryer
1 x Autoclavable Pipette P5000
1 x AZ530-M, Magnetic Field Probe
1 x 303-2B
1 x 3644A 0-18V/0-5A/90W
1 x SL-210 Oilless Dental Air Compressor 220V
1 x 10x/18mm wide field eyepiece with pointer and eye guard
1 x 3710A 0-360V/150W
1 x 303-4CF
1 x 15x/16mm wide field eyepiece with eye guard
1 x Electrical Pick and Place Vacuum Pens 0603
1 x TPR DC Power Supply
1 x Electronic Balance
1 x Autoclavable Pipette P200
1 x ACM35 (NTSC or PAL) Video Camera for Microscope
1 x Check Valve
1 x Dental Air Compressor
1 x Air Compressor Dryer System
1 x 10x/20mm wide field eyepiece with eye guard, Tube ?23.0mm
2 x 5KVA Power Transformer
1 x 10x/18mm wide field eyepiece, tube dia 30.0mm, focusable, for us
1 x 303-3.2D
1 x 10x/18mm wide field eyepiece with eye guard, Tube ?23.0mm
1 x 12V -20W Halogan Bulb (reflector type) 412086-510
1 x 303-0.5C
1 x Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven TYR108N
1 x AT5011 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Generator
1 x 3 Stage Dryer
1 x 0.5x auxiliary objective with adapter (4122023-10)
1 x Adjustable Tape Feeder
1 x AZ530-H, High Impedance Probe
1 x Automatic Stencil Printer
1 x Complete Water Filter
1 x TPR DC Power Supply
1 x 303-3C
1 x 1/3'' Color CCD camera (470 TVL/580 TVL enhanced)
1 x AT-2000 RF Amplifier
1 x TPR DC Power Supply
1 x AT6010 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
1 x Power Transformer
1 x Compressed air hose
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