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Fully Convection ReFlow Oven
5 Heating Zone & Touch Screen








This reflow oven has been built with patented technology. The upper and lower heating zones were designed and manufactured in small air circulation systems in order to achieve high  thermal efficiency. It only takes approximately 20 minutes to reach a set temperature from room temperature.

The reflow oven uses a low noised high-temperature resistant motor that can directly blow hot air for heating. The air inside the heating zone is equally distributed so that it can be used for heating small components without shifting during the process, such as 0201.

A 3-layered air distribution unit with equal air circulation and high thermal capacity was chosen for this reflow oven.   The constant temperature area and the soldering area can be heated simultaneously with independent temperature control. The temperature variation at each temperature zone is ± 1.

There are two compulsory cooling zones inside the oven. The cooling speed can reach -5/s, which can meet the requirements of various lead-free production processes.

The system is computer controlled. Our software includes powerful dynamic curve analysis functions that can be used for various tests. All of your data can be printed and saved.


User's Manual