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Desktop Automatic Reflow Oven SMT-2011
Lead-Free Model



New SMT-2011: $2,915.00






Full automatic fuzzy logic temperature control.

Back light LCD display.

Can be used for any surface mount components.

Can also be used for two sides PCB boards.

IR+hot air.

RS232 computer interface and software.

Lead-free reflow capable.

The new model has front view window, the top can be opened for easy heater replacement.

Great for repair preheating.

Meets IPC standard.

Temperature to 300°C.

Working area: 400mmx350mmX30mm(14"x16"x1").

External measurement: 600mm(w) x465mm (d) x500mm (h).

Working cycle 5 minutes per board. Beeps when the board is done.

Manual draw.

Built in automatic air cool.

One profile stored in EPROM, can be modified with keypads.

No programming necessary, no computer interface.

No datalog.

3.5KW power, 220V. We have transformers for 110V power supply. It works with 208V supply, but not with 240V or higher.

Weight: 32Kg without the packing material.


 User's Manual