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850B rework station (220V)

850B Hot Air Rework Station (220V)







Price: $123.00 

(850B with 2 Nozzles)

Price: $185.00 

(850B with 8 Nozzles)



    Built-in sensor for steady temperature control at any air flow pressure.

Precise airflow and temperature adjustments.

Good for QFT, SOP, PLCC chips and other components.

Hot air temperature100°C to480°C.

Power consumption: 560W(max.).

Digital temperature display.

Delayed air pump shut off for hot air gun and nozzle protection.

Safe soldering and desoldering with the included nozzles.

Eight nozzles option: A1125, A1126, A1128, A1129, A1130, A1131, A1132, A1170.

110V power supply.

Total 33 nozzles available. The nozzles are standard sizes and are compatible with Hakko and other hot air soldering stations.

One-year warranty. Repair services or replacement will be done by us.


 User's Manual