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Pick and Place Machine QM1500

Automatic Pick and Place Machines


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Stand Alone Automatic Pick and Place Machine with duel heads. QM-1500 machine has 3,500 CPH speed with 0.0005" X and Y Axis Resolution closed loop controlled and 0.045° Rotation Resolution. It comes with computer vision centering system for IC's (SOP, QFP, BGA, TQFP, TSOP…). The machine is capable of placing 0201 component size with additional options (camera and 0201 feeder). PCB Max Size 17" x 12" (430X300mm) including 1 waffle tray support frame.


· Dual heads,3500 to 4000 estimated pph(parts per hour)

· Double sided liner guide ways for X and Y

· Ball Screw (instead of lead screw)
• 13"×17" working area
• Placement of 0402 standard (upgrade for smaller parts)
• Computer vision automatic centering system for IC's (SOP, QFP, BGA) and better placement of small parts, software fly vision centering, included
• Fully programmable digital Z-axis and Theta rotation angles
• X and Y axis 0.0005" resolution, 0.001" positioning, 0.045° rotational resolution
• Up to 60 feeders capacity for QM1500

• Patent-pending technology applied in automatic picking up.
• Uses widely available and easily obtainable feeders
• Automatic PCB board position correction with fiducial recognition included
• Automatic post-place vision inspection
• CAD file convert function
• Selective soldering function built in (optional hot air gun mounting adaptor)
• 12 month full factory warranty - parts & labor
• Easy to use graphic software for quick programming. Programming can be done with teaching video camera, on screen Gerber file graphics or CAD file
• 110V AC 60Hz, or 220 V AC, 50Hz, 750 watts electrical
• 60 psi shop air required
• QM1500 120KG. net weight
• 38"w x 40"d x 42"h
• Machine customization available
• Made in USA