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SMT-P300 Micro Welder Stations

Micro Welder Stations

Sale Price: $4,950.00

The micro welder works by directly melting metallic joints with high voltage electrical sparks, without the need of solder, paste or any other chemicals. Joints created by the micro welder is finer and stronger than regular soldering, and lower impedance, can sustain higher temperature. It can also be used to directly connect enameled wires with diameters from 0.02mm to 0.4mm onto metal connectors or circuit boards. The welding power and pressure can be precisely adjusted and controlled. Example applications of the micro welding machine include manufacturing and repairing of the following devices:

●RF components
●chips and modules
●SMT speakers
●micro motors
●PCB boards

●Direct welding of enameled wires, regular wires or metal tapes from 0.02mm to 0.4mm.
● Welding voltage 0.01V adjustable, pulse width 1/10,000 ms adjustable, pressure 0.3 ounce adjustable.
●Strong welding points, low impedance
●No paste or flux needed, environment friendly
●Fast, 200 welding points per minute
●Various welder tips for different requirements

Technical Specifications:
Power: Capacitance reserve energy model
Max Output: 300A 600A
Output : Wave shape Regulable
Output Pulse Amplitude (V): 0.02-1.99
Output Pulse Time(ms) :1-29 1-49
Weld Force(N): 0.1-2.9
Welded Wire Size: φ0.02-0.20
Welding Frequency per minute: 120 welds
Input Power: 220V 50HZ, 110V 60HZ
Case A package Including Main Processor, Control Box etc accessories
Size: 42cm*33cm*29cm
Case B package Including Header, pedal etc accessories


User's Manual