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SL-240 Dental Air Compressor

SL-240 Noiseless Oil-Free Air Compressor



 M.F.S.R $2950.00
Sale Price: $1350.00




with 2-stage blue dryers

 M.F.S.R $3250.00
Sale Price: $1595.00





with automatic dryer & automatic tank drain

 M.F.S.R $4350.00
Sale Price: $2020.00





Model: SL240-8
Horsepower (HP):3
Voltage/Hz: 220V/60Hz OR 110V/60Hz (need to be specified when order)
Maximum pressure (Bar): 8 (about 117 psi)
Starting pressure (Bar): 6 (about 80 psi)
Noise(dB): 65 dB
Capacity(L/min): 400 L/min
Tank(G): 18 Gal
Size(L*W*H inches): 42" x 15" x 34"


User's Manual

Trouble Shooting Manual